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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  March 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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four people are killed and the family of one victim is cited. why a penalty does not go far enough. we're going to do some magic. we'll chop down your grocery bill. the new high tech tool the water bureau is using to prevent another disaster. a cold night. wait until you see how fast we warm up and a chance at 70s. did the people who loved her the most help contribute to her death. >> family members with providing her alcohol before she and two friends died in a car crash. and we look back at this january night on route 50. >> and the same family that lost a daughter and sister is facing a penalty, it is a civil one.
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some think it is not tough enough. >> reporter: the car is a remainder of drinking and driving. a car carrying three teens who died at the scene, the driver of the bmw died on the way to the hospital. two people are held responsible. the mother and brother of one of the victims. >> they have been served with citations saying they served alcohol to minors. >> reporter: according to state's attorney's office they carry a $2500 fine and no jail time. they are accused of serving alcohol to minors during a birthday party at their home on west drive on january 27th. >> all of a sudden i saw the lights. wait a minute, they're on the highway. >> several callers say the car with the teens was going the
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wrong way on route 50 before the head-on crash in davidsonville. franco was with a 19-year-old brittney walker and zach rose. a 55-year-old terry davis was in the other car heading east. >> if there was alcohol that was furnished at a party ta teens died, a civil citation is ridiculous. >> no one in the home would talk. the family attorney said the past five weeks have been tough on them. losing a daughter and sister. the alcohol was flowing from places beyond the home. but as a fine and no jail time enough? >> based on what they told me, it does not appear that they're guilty of the citations that have been lodged against them. >> and maryland law only penalizes adults for serving alcohol to minor t does not include the consequences like
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in the case. we placed a call to madd to see if they will push for change. we have not heard back. >> thank you, cheryl. a police officer is now suspended. and a death of a 13-year-old found in an alley. and the family was taking plans for the funeral. they learned police suspended one of their own. the off duty officer was suspended for conduct after the shooting death. and the family says that the officer is dating the older sister of one of the suspects charged in the shooting. they believe that they add vised them after the shooting to girl's body was discovered beneath trash bags in an alley in northeast baltimore. >> how do you do that? >> you are talking about a kid. 12 and 13-year-old that did
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something. you covered it up. >> police will not extent but working on tracing the gun they were playing with and some of the blames made by the family a. a 4-year-old was shot and mother injured in hair home. police say that she woke up by something hitting her. she saw her son shot in the chest. she was bleeding. she ran to her son's father who had come home and called 911. police have learned that the father owned a handgun that was kept in the bedroom. child was seen playing with it earlier in the night. murder charges have been dropped against two out of town abortion doctors. the doctors were charged with murdering stemming from late- term abortions committed here in the state. but the state's attorney said
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the investigation showed that the fetuses died in new jersey. all charge have been dismissed the state is investigating. the two doctors are part of the bad medicine investigation. you can read about other doctors accused of horrifying things on a web site at medicine. and tracking down a strange illness that killed three members of a family. and it started with a woman with a cause and fever. her three came to care for her got sick and two died. official stays could be the flu complicate bade bacterial infection. phone calls went out to parents of school aged children. >> does anyone know what is going on t is a plague. that scares me f i go home and they get a stiffle or a cause. >> i'll be panic stricken. >> this family is the only case they know of in the state.
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if you have been outside now you know it is kind of chilly. hold on wait until tomorrow, spring-like weather is around the corner. and we'll find out all about it. >> you never know to step outside it is breezy and temperatures are frigid t is a winter-like night out there. but we're on the cusp of big change. and wind chill out of the south a southeast breeze bringing chilly air so off the cold waters of the chesapeake. and the air temperatures in the 30s. but a clear sky and means a rapid warm up. winds turning southwest. we're looking at 60 or so tomorrow afternoon. this is just the start. we'll talk about how warm thursday gets and changes for the weekend. >> remember this if you millions of gallons of water
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spewing out of a broken water main, causing massive amounts of damage. the city is trying to prevent that from happening. christian schaffer has more. >> the bureau of water and waste water serve morse than baltimore cit it provides water to millions and baltimore and howard county. an effort to protect them and their supply started tonight. >> september 2009 a main breaks inundating the area with murky water t was not along the oldest t was installed in the 1970s. but pipes like have been breaking all over and the company that made them is out of business the way to prevent is inspect other types.
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>> what need tons replaced. >> now a new device is being installed. it will travel and starting tonight in southwest baltimore. >> it will go through. and documenting the condition of the pipe. it generates a field as it rushes through the pipe. >> and where it may be. >> we can go back and perform analysis. >> and the distress. >> another break like this one has shut down 695 and 2010 some were inspected. but the pipe diver will allow the same information to be gathered without cutting off service. >> we want to use whatever technology is there so we can
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get it done. >> you are wondering you should not notice any changes to the service and water in some areas would have to be shut down. >> in the system it will be pulled out tomorrow morning south therefore near 695 and it will take six weeks to anallize the information. and the more sections around the system. >> love that story that's good stuff. >> he has not take an frownedder in 11 years a hit since 2001 but he can draw a crowd. the line forms to see cal ripkin. ways at the barnes and nobel. he was signing his back called super size slugger and the first is hot head, dealing with issues of being different than
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others. the fans they love him, don't they? >> i think for his efforts. has inspireed a generation. i mean he is one of those rare individuals. i thanked him for what he has done. >> he sign 4-d hundred books. if this were camden yards in 2001. he would still be at the park signing. >> now if you are an active member or veteran and have a license you splay to get a new one. lawmakers are considering adding a military designation to the cards. >> they would indicate active duty or veteran studies. and trying to get discounts at stores. >> it is a great idea. >> it will eliminate a lot to get the benefit. another it can be easier for service members suffering from post traumatic stress to alert authorities to their condition.
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>> the race is close. >> neck and neck. >> mitt romney entered super tuesday on a streak. and newt gingrich sought southern hospitality. >> did today bring the gop closer to a nominee. the battle is in ohio. >> newt gingrich sat on southern comfort and snagged the first win. >> i'm here to say thank you to each and every one of you. you are the reason we survived every effort of the establishment to stop us. [ applause ] >> reporter: newt gingrich won georgia, his first victory since south carolina in january. and georgia had the most delegates. overall 419 up for grabs on the biggest day on the calendar.
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and it was left open for mitt romney who put vermont and massachusetts in his victory column. and romney went down with rick santorum on the slate, no republican has won it without a win in ohio. >> and rick santorum picked up wins in oklahoma and tennessee. >> we'll lose a few. as it looks now, we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and silver medals. >> ron paul caught them off the beaten trail. >> and we're on the right track and hear the member all the way back to dc. >> one of the four candidates needs 1144 dell dates to clinch
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the nomination. time to go shopping. we'll save you some money. >> buying brisket for 3.49. tide and apple sauce for 1.29 without coupons? follow our cart. >> and he spent his career protecting us. today he died protecting his daughter. relying on a heart in a box to keep a man alive. that and why it is warm up when we return. ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal -- to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from,
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it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you to the beaches of northwest florida. fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach. book all of our destinations only at we'll stop in ohio where the 17-year-old in the school shooting made a court appearance. the judge told tj lane about the charges and cobe tried as an adult. that was pushed back and lane will afriends of an ex- girlfriend said that he targeted one of the victims.
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we have a hero and father to the end. edward cantrell died figing for his daughters. he tried to rescue his daughters from their burning home. and police say the man and his wife jumped from a window but he went back into the house to look for his babies. neither he or daughters made it out. >> they protect us. it is heartbreaking. >> he did six tours of duty. one in iraq, five in afghanistan. they don't know how the fire started. a man is still alive to what is called a heart in a box: and he needed a transplant but could not wait so the surgeons stepped in with an artificial heard. >> i feel better.
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ky walk without pain than i have in months. >> i think it is having the pain people that have to wait and don't have the opportunity to live until it happens, they have months and years now they can wait. >> he still need as new heart. and consumer alert, parents. >> you will want to listen to this story t may not be safe to travel to mexico. and there was a travel advisory to mexico because of violence in the country. and they recommended they avoid 14 of the states. and the widest issued from the year 2006. >> if you bill is not high, they will go up.
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>> paychecks are not keeping up. and a way to put it on a died without clipping coupons. >> it is 6:00 and you are off work and exhausted. you don't wear what you buy. but as it is higher you think there is a better way. tony house has been there. >> and when the recession hit. >> and for 84 a week or less tony was up for the challenge. >> and it was based on left overs. >> the meat that's what we're having. >> the next step. >> create a list with things that you need by going on line. and putting discounts on the club card. you can do that on line by
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finding deals like this. >> it will not be 89 cents. you will get it for that price. >> there were other things on sale. you must stick to your list. >> please do not buy something and the other items here. sounds simple, doesn't it. and it works. her weekly total. >> and 47% savings. >> we wanted to know more. >> keep these five things in mind. dodo not buy in bulk to keep the cheapist price. we may use two or three tkoeurbgs not make meat the centerpiece unless it is a
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sale. >> spaghetti. >> reporter: bize only what you eat be tee tail orended. >> know what you are going to buy. >> reporter: and her number one rule of thumb tkoeurbgs not pay more than 2.50 or more for a gallon of milk. and all right a cheer and cold night out there. temperatures have struggled to get out of the 40s today and tonight and cooling off. we take a look at the airport. the wind is calm. southeast. much of the day. and days are getting longer. did you notice despite the fact we kept the chilly air around. clear sky. and that will hold up tonight, tomorrow. until we think early on friday. and the temperatures running cool. have the part of the state we
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have a light breeze where we have a breeze to get in baltimore we have gone calm but we see the wind coming in. around 5 to 10 out of the south. the wind chill low to mid30s out there. on the cool side. regional perspective is clear. and continuing to stay clear into the day tomorrow. we have a big area of high pressure continuing to sit off the coast. and high pressure off the rotation. we have the sunshine. the center of the mass is interest centering on top of us made for a colder temperatures today. and they didn't warm up. and it pulls in. and we'll get into a warm floz. and close to 60. this is the air that's headed our way into the afternoon. and end of the day. and it is a cold start in the
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morning. and we'll warm up. as we go into the day on thursday and the cold front. we don't think the rain is here for thursday, not until late. but there will be a surge of warm air ahead of this. march on thursday. 32, mostly clear. and 62 tomorrow. mostly sunny scenario looking fights after that cold start we warm up. cold near 70. chances for rain and friday and front pushing through. as we spring ford. >> we'll be right back.
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>> terry? >> candidates battle over key states in the super tuesday race with the votes being counted. has the campaign turned a corner. do we know it is running against the president. the feud between hbo and sara palin. ♪
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do you eat them whole or separate them. >> they have been around for 100 years. more on the oreo cooky. >> and creamy in between.
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>> and aren't kids lucky. aren't oreo mothers great. >> it has been an important part of generations. a product with longevity that to this day people talk about their favorite way to eat it. >> tilt your head at an angel to make sure you lick the cream off. >> take the cream and down the middle. there is a street that runs through it. >> it is one of the popular brands. it all started here in new york city at the chelsea market. >> on this spot the first oreo was made t was the original bakery. the patient responsible for the wafers. >> and they started being sold 100 years ago they were sold in tins like this. the first cooky was sold in new
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jersey. >> reporter: it takes skill for a brand to last through good and bad times: and balance consistency and change. the original and they have kept it fresh and pace with the change. >> kraft, the owner of the brand, works hard to keep it fresh in new jersey at its test kitchen. >> there are a variety of flavors, some we flared are consumers. >> rainbow sherbert. toasted coconut. orange. >> and it takes care to kateer to each new global market. >> a smaller pack size to fit the size of the smaller stores in china >> to last 100 years you must be a smart cooky. >> it is great. >> it had to be somewhere. >> i need milk. and if she can find milk for 2.50 let me snow. >> 3.99 a gallon.
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>> 60. enjoy that. ñ[=
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we need to bring up that oreo cake. >> have a good one. ♪
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